Forensic Economic Specialists  

• Our analyses are based on the facts of the case in order to provide a reasonable calculation of both past and future economic damages.

• Our process includes using U.S. Government and State data resources to research comparative wage rates and fringe benefits costs, productivity factors and employability issues. 

• Using those factors plus a combination of interviews, client-provided documentation, and other data, we prepare formal reports to be used in the legal process. Our methodology is consistently applied in all cases.

• We have the ability to provide a case analysis to help clients determine the value of a case before a lawsuit is filed.

• We also provide evaluations of opposing experts reports for both plaintiff and defense clients.

• We provide Continuing Legal Education sessions on the topic of forensic economics to the legal community as requested.

For over twenty-five years Forensic Human Resources has provided expert opinions and testimony in cases involving: 

  • Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Medical Malpractice 
  • Employment Discrimination or Termination​

Specific areas of  economic loss expertise include:

Past and Future lost earnings and fringe benefits calculations
Development and evaluation of mitigating employment scenarios
Determination of back-pay and front-pay in employment cases
Present and future value calculations of economic losses
Future medical cost calculations for life care plans
Calculations of lost retirement benefits
Calculations of lost Social Security Benefits
Calculations of lost household services
Determination of personal maintenance or personal consumption expenses as required in wrongful death cases
Earning capacity evaluations for family division cases

  • Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) 
  • Jones Act
  • Marital Support cases

Experienced, Tested, Objective Economic Analysis